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Plant suggestions for new, sloping, shady backyard in Los Angeles

17 years ago

We're moving to a new house in the West L.A. area, and I'm hoping for some suggestions to get me started in my quest for plants. (Our current yard is very sunny, and while I have many "favorite" plants -- right now, japanese anemone (Honorine Jobert), cape rush, satsuma tangerine, kangaroo paws, floribunda and single roses, etc etc) -- I don't have many ideas for how to plant the shady slope area (top third of the yard).

I've only seen the yard in the late afternoon; it was very shady then, though I don't know how much, if any, sunlight it gets during other parts of the day. The shade comes from some mature, fairly high-canopy trees at the top of the slope; right now it's planted with a couple of tiny hostas and a couple of small camellias. There is a small area of grass mid-slope between the shady top third of the slope and the house/deck at bottom of the slope. I've not had a chance to check, but I would guess that the soil in the shady area is clay, though it may have been amended somewhat.

I'd love to hear your suggestions, if you're willing. Thanks very much!

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