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Just got Venus Fly trap for my kids..

17 years ago

Hi there just got a Venus Fly Trap for my kids (in Kindergarten) besides keeping the soil wet, What else can we do for it. I read about actually giving it bugs (1/3 size of the trap) but can I transplant it into a larger pot to help it grow larger or to maturity?

Total newbie here with only a few house plants (most alive to date). My kids love the Venus fly trap, what tips do you have for keeping it healthy. How long do they live and do I really have to give it flys etc? ( I did learn to not let them (kids) make it close for no reason without food ie: bug or fly etc)

We live just north of Toronto in Ontario Canada. It is currently June and I have in the house by a large window facing west (really hot and humid these days) It is in a tinly pot (really small I have it sitting in a container that I might only fit a large egg into).


Sheila and her girly girls ( 5 and 6.5 yrs old)

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