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Cobras and flytraps questions

17 years ago

Hey guys

Have a quick question.

The other day my boyfriend bought me some cobra lillies from Lowes..they came in a square plastic thing with some sundews and a venus flytrap.

I noticed the head (I dont know what its actually called in plant terms) was a bit crushed in, so I poked it back out with the end of a pencil. . .it felt kinda soft and moist. Today I woke up and looked at it again and the head was kinda crispy feelin but it still has a lot of condensation on the inside of the plastic so I know its moist inside. Why is it starting to get crispy? Are they dying?! Also, I had a baby cobra starting to feel out, it was standing straight up when I first got it, but now the little guy is layin down :(. . .whats goin on?

I also had another question . . .can you feed venus flytraps bloodworms?

Thanks for any/ all help! ! !

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