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Feeding the FlyTrap

16 years ago

I have a couple *very* basic questions that I can't seem to find answers for.

I live just north of San Diego - a temperate climate year round. Being so close to the coast, with continuous on shore breezes - we have virtually NO bugs. No flies, no mosquitoes, etc, just the occasional fruit fly if a banana has got too ripe, ants,log legged spiders and bees.

My fly trap is outside and I imagine I will be hand feeding him.

I have 2 questions:

Do I need to feed *every* trap on the plant? Or just the largest traps (largest being over 1")?

If I see that a trap has closed, am I to assume that someting has been caught in it?

I know it's VFT 101, but thanks for any info. cj

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