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Impulse Purchase- 'Cobra Lily'. Help!

16 years ago

I'm new to this site and carnivorous plants. Recently was at Trader Joes and bought this cool looking plant at the checkout stand (silly me). It looked like a pitcher plant to me, although prettier veination than I remember. The only thing the plant tag said was it was a 'Cobra Lily', a carnivorous plant, no genus or species (darn those crappy tags). From pictures on the internet, it looks like a Sarracenia of some kind. The plant consists of 6-8" tubular funnels, some green with white veination toward the hood, some green with red veination at the hood.

I've had it a few weeks, stuck it outside in our backyard created 'stream'. We live in San Diego, so it is still 70's daytime, 50's at night. The stream turns on & runs about 8 hours a day. The plant pot sits in an inch of water, maybe less when the stream is off, and it is in filtered shade. Lots of bugs out there!

I've been watching for signs of water stress (as in getting too much) but haven't seen any. Good turgidity, no signs of rotting at the base of the tubes, new tubes are appearing. Overall, it looks good, although I'd say the coloring seems a little less vivid than when I bought it. Maybe not enough sun? I understand that there is supposed to be a dormant period coming up soon.

So here's my questions: are these desirable conditions for this plant? Can I keep it outside all winter (it can get to freezing here but almost never below)? If not, when do I bring it in and how do I store it?

Thanks for your help!


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