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Christmas (holiday?) Cactus propagation woes

13 years ago


So, last October, I was given a cutting from a Christmas (?) cactus. Very short, only two segments from the tip. New growth (which reading a few threads about such plants in this forum doesn't seem to be the preferred method of starting new plants...)

I then separated the segments so I had two individuals, and I rooted them in water for a while. While rooting in water, one of the leaves developed a flower bud, but I pinched it off, because I wanted it to root, not bloom.

Once they both had reasonable roots (2-3 inches long, 3 or 4 individual roots), I potted them on -- one into 'cactus mix' and one into hydroculture beads. This would have been late November that I did this.

Now it's May, and they haven't done anything. At all. They're not dead, they're still firmly rooted in their respective pots and media, but there's no growth at all.


Am I just being impatient, or do I need to something?

Thanks for your insight.

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