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Zone 8 Rose Lovers~Help!Roses for Zone 8

Hello, Everyone!!

I am new to this forum and I need your help,please!!! :)

I'm going to purchase some David Austin Roses and I am so excited! I Really Do Love them but I am concerned about them surviving in my zone.

I would love to find great repeat bloomers, as disease free as possible, not "leggy", and fragrant as possible (In other words - The biggest bang for our buck :).

Or are they even worth it?? Will they even survive the hot dry heat?

I live in Zone 8A, the "high desert" in Palmdale,California. We are in the 90's all summer long and can get up to the 100's for a few weeks. The roses will be planted in full sun, on our south side of the house.

I found a few roses that sound great on David Austin's website, but I like to hear from anyone who's accually grown them in a hot zone :)

The roses that I fell in love with are :

1. The Fairy

2. Eden - Climbing

3. Glamis Castle

4. Golden Celebration

5. Knockout

6. Sharifa Asma

7. Alnwick Castle

8. Comtes de Champagne

I love their colors, But I mainly like the sound of them because they seem to have everything I want in a rose (color,fragrance,repeat bloomer,disease free as possible). I'm told that they will not fair well. Does anyone have any of these? And if anyone knows of better roses, that do well here, by all means, I'd Love suggestions!!!

Also could you include pictures of your roses so I can see them in a real garden setting and not a "staged" one that DA's has. That would really help me out too :) Thank you :)

Thank you so much for all your help :)

I hope I didn't sound bossy in my post.....I'm really sorry if I did! I don't mean to!

Thank you ~ Amanda

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