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This is what 2 of my brugs looked like in 96 degree heat... :}

16 years ago

These were taken this weekend when temps hit 96 degrees.

This one is my frosty pink that has produced at least 12 flowers since it started flowering a couple of weeks ago. It looks terrible in this picture, but I watered it for half an hour and it perked right back up and the flowers even opened in the evening. This is also the brug I was experimenting on by cutting off half of every Y in an attempt to train it into a tree form. (Now I'm just leaving it alone and enjoying it!)

This is my Hawaiian Double White which didn't even seem to notice the heat. She is already one of my fav's because she grows like crazy, isn't bother by pests like some of the others, and roots easily. And she hasn't flowered yet! I'm anxiously waiting for that!


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