Landscaping my friend's xeric garden

12 years ago

I had never done this before, until my friend 'Gift' asked me to create 'Xeric Garden'

for his new house.

Because we are interested in xeric broms, so I selected some of my spiny broms

to decorate the garden. These are what we had done.

Cacti, succulents and some xeric broms were selected from my collection.


Gift was waiting for me, with worried face, at his new house's front yard.


The workers were preparing the area.


At the bottom we lined with layers of a foot hight of gravel, plastic net and pumice for good dranage.



Another team was making the soil mix which composed of

3 parts pumice, 2 parts perite and 1 part garden soil.


We started planting with a nice variegated Yucca first.


Then Golden Barrel cactus...




Don't laugh at me (^_^)"


The tall plants, such as Pachypodium, Alluaudia and Didierea from Madagascar

were located at the brackdrop.






Columnar cacti were planted at the back.



This huge specimen of Euphorbia stenoclada could be the garden landmark.


Then two nice specimens from my house, Yucca rostrata and xDyckcohnia 'Bone Mahogany'

that I thought I should give to my friend for better growth, instead of sitting in container.





Dyckia 'Keswick' and Orthophytum saxicola were decorated as ground cover.



A big clump of my Deuterocohnia lorentziana was also found the place.



Also some nice varieties of Agave and Aloe were planted.



Alcantarea imperialis and its relatives were also used in this garden.





On the top of the litter cover, I place some pots of xeric broms for better looking.


The colourful Aechmea blanchetiana and Androlipis skinneri

seem to get along well with Madagascan spiny plant, Decarya madagascariensis.



On Dec,6th it's Gift's Birthday, so he enjoyed with this amazing xeric garden

as special present from me.



With lighting.




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