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Medium-large shrub or small tree suggestions

Moon Rabbit
18 years ago

I've just moved to zone 24, a few blocks from the ocean! Not only am I finally living a dream of being that close to the water, but the neighbors downstairs have been kind enough to let me have free reign over two long, narrow strips on each side of the sidewalk. I already love my neighbors, by the way. They gave me the greatest gift of all.. soil.

I'm looking for suggestions on a small tree or largish shrub, maybe no more than 8 feet high, for a part shade to shady area that stays moist most of the time. I'd like them not to be too bushy, at least not too bushy near the ground so I can have plenty of space for other plantings. I'm thinking of something blue, purple, or pink, maybe white. I try to use mostly California natives, so I've been thinking of a maybe a Fuschia or Arctostaphylos. An Arctostaphylos may not get enough sun there though. I'm new to shady, been pretty much doing full sun and "a wee bit of shade" gardening until now.

For the smaller plants, I'm planning to use various Penstemons, Achillea, Salvias, Mimulus, owl's clover, Clarkia, fivespot, Gilia (alot of these will be tricky in the shadier areas).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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