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screening small trees, large shrubs

18 years ago

I can't stop asking questions, or playing with my garden! I love this forum!

I would love suggestions for small trees or shrubs to create a screen or a large hedge/living fence between us and neighbours (as lovely as they are) No honesty - I really like them, but we all need our own green space don't we.

Sandy soil, south west facing, so cops a bit on afternoon sun, but only in summer/late spring/early autumn. In winter not as much. It is basically dappled shade, but in summer I think can recieve from midday onwards, some hefty sun, but again is only a few months of the year. There is also the frosts in winter. Mild from what I know.(north Sydney) Well drained.

I have some small lilly pillies in there now which are all growing, but a couple lost 1/3 of their foliage due to frost this winter. My husband (not a gardener) has given me the exciting prospect of finding something more mature (around the 1.5 metre) and more frost tolerent (my novice advice on the lilly pillies) for the screen. That means we are geared up to spend a little, but of course I want to get the research right.

Any suggestions would be gratefully embraced. I forgot to add - About 5- 10 metres high.


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