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More confused than ever....haha

11 years ago

O.K. , So , I came here , only to find out that my Christmas Cactus was not a Christmas Cactus, but was indeed and Easter, in true form , I rolled with it and adjusted....last week I went to my favorite little local nursery to check out their latest offerings in Cacti and Succulents , and what do I find but " Spring Cactus " with an interesting star shaped flower, that I have not seen before . The flowers appear to be long lasting, and each star shaped flower closes up at night and re-opens with the morning light...nice, rounded edges on the leaves ( like on a TRUE Christmas Cactus ) as opposed to the serrated edged leaves of an Easter Cactus....the tag on the plant says " Rhipsalidopsis ".....does anyone have any experience with these that they'd like to share....hey, for only 5 Bucks, you KNOW one followed me home...haha ! Thanks in advance !






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