picture of the day *74* Another day closer to spring - Dahlia

12 years ago

Wishing everyone a great start into another week.

Kylie we MUST be almost there at spring right?

Is your weather looking better today?

Here it is back to nice. Bringing out the Hibiscus' today and the Dahlia bulbs I kind of pre planted.

This year I will not put them in the ground. I will try pots and see if I move them during the hotter month into a shadier location, if they will do better. I truly love them a lot and would like oh man who is it now...Mick? aren't you the one who just showed us all of your pictures and your newly acquired ones?
{{gwi:462623}}From Picture of the day for March 09

Here is one from last year

Hope this week will be filled with good fortunes and no bad things coming your way



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