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Anything I need to know about transplanting Crinum lilies?

15 years ago

I have a 4 foot square area PACKED with crinums off a walkway. I would like to move them further back in the yard as where they are now crowds the porch & provides too much cover for garden reptiles to startle me when pushing by. They currently get alot of sun - from 10am to 5pm in summer. Where I want to put them would have full sun for part of the day & filtered sun in the afternoon. They currently get runoof from an outdoor shower when we use it & the other location doesn't have that source of water but also isn't so incredibly bright/hot. Any advice or recs? They are lovely & I don't want to lose them - I just don't like the snakes beneath them abutting a commonly used path (copperheads, cornsnakes & garters). Any recs for how/when to transplant would be greatly appreciaated.

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