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Allergy + ficus nitida question

17 years ago

Anyone here had an allergy from ficus nitida tree ?

I had a severe allergy attack and was trying to figure out what might have caused it.

I was digging around the ficus nitida tree in backyard at about 8pm, my head brushed agaisnt some branches.

The tree is about 7' tall so the branches are tiny twigs. I had dinner at about 8:30pm, went to bed at 10:30pm.

Woke from my sleep at 11:15pm and felt a severe itch in ears neck and arms it got terribly worse. I took a shower, the warm water probably made it worse. hives (small bumps on skin) started appearing in neck and spread to all of arm and at one point i fell dizzy and kinda collapsed. (iam the kind thats not allergic to anything, never get sick, flu, stomach upset etc).

I drank lot of water and had some painkillers and in 2 hours the hives disappeared. I was fine by morning but neck muscles were sore.

I noticed a small scratch like mark on my neck about 3 quarter inch long. My nails are real short so i didnt cause that scratch. Doc said its too long to be an insect bite and he said it could be from tree branch. The cut on neck doesnt hurt and i never felt anything bite me. But i think a spider could have been one of the culprits.

The other cause the doc said was from something i ate, but usually the food allergies show up instantly and the last thing i ate was at 9:30pm.

I searched on the net on ficus allergy but then doesnt help as anyone can be allergic to anything, including $100 bills. :)

I have often broken branches of nitida tree with hand and had no issues but this might have been the first time the branch scratched skin and had contact with blood.

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