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Fig Allergy????

13 years ago

I'm almost embarrassed to post but I spent Saturday in emergency room. I felt an itching on my face and arms on Thursday and it got worse on Friday to a point where my face was burning like needles being stuck in I took a benedrill and Saturday it was intolerable pain, itching and swelling around my eyes. I thought it could be shingles, any way went to emergency and they said it was a contact dermatitis allergic reaction skin rash. I also picked some Mangoes earlier in week. I have never had any allergies but started a new med in Jan which one side effect is a lowering of your auto immune system. The ER doctors are terrible and told me to follow up with my regular doctor. They gave me a steroid shot and prescriptions for steroids,cortisone and an gastric acid blocker(pepcid ) I feel much better but picked some more figs yesterday and leaves brushed my face and I could feel the burning and swelling start again, washed real well and took more meds . I will have to take more precautions picking I guess but I will stop my meds before I stop eating my figs if it comes to It ;-)

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