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WANTED: seed exchange- need seeds to start a diabetic garden

15 years ago

I have not posted a seed list but have many seeds. Let me know what you are looking for. I do mostly heirlooms & open pollenates. Fruits, vegetables & herbs are what I tinker around with. I am wanting to start a diabetic garden. Looking for things like jerusalem artichokes, azetec foods, anything that makes or regulates metabolism of body sugars. For example I have "bitter melon" growing, an herb. I am open to traditional as well as alternative foods that can be either applied and/or ingested. Would be interested in exchanging some roots- I have horseradish & comfrey. Although I am in the low desert I do have friends in the high desert/snow country of az. & this is basically for them. I also need to know if any of these seeds and/or the plants can be toxic to chickens & other livestock. So give me a holler & lets see what we can come up with. Long winded I know........ email me at Thanks! P.S. also looking for viable seed for Salba

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