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WANTED: Help! I'm trying to start a seed-grown garden...

18 years ago

Hi, my name is (Bri)gitte. I'm 43 and live in Holland.

I'm hoping to start a garden where butterflies, birds and other bugs and animals want to come and stay.

This is very difficult for me, because since about ten years I have Agorafobia, so sometimes I'm not even able to go out into my garden at all. Let alone that I can go to stores or gardencentres etc.

That's why I now am looking into gardening from seeds. I don't have a greenhouse or anything like that, so I'll mostly need seeds that can be sown strait into the ground, and only a few from special plants I want to have which I can sow in a little tray on the windowsill.

I've already tried to read and find out as much as I could from books and later the internet, but I never did any REAL gardening before, except a bit of pruning every year when I was able to and so on.

So I will be very grateful for ANY help and/or information on how to get started and so on.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Gitte

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