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Strange "or": Reine Des Violettes or Lady Of The Mist?

11 years ago

I put in a Heirloom Roses order, and am VERY excited to be getting Souvenir de La Malmaison, Frederic Mistral, and Mme Isaac Pereire. But I found out that Gertrude Jekyll wouldn't be shipping until June, and I really want to get the new roses settled in February and not in the peak of heat. So ... I'm going through Heirloom Roses, and I stopped at two roses, and am trying to decide if either of them should be my replacement.

Reine Des Violettes - oh this one tears at me. I've read so much about how fussy this rose is. But sounds like when she's good, she's amazing (yup, she!). I just kind of fell upon Lady Of The Mist, and the photo is to die for on Heirloom. I did some research on her (clearly she!) - and she sounds quite fabulous - but perhaps a little larger than would be preferable.

If it were you, which would you choose, if either? The OGRs are completely new for me, and I'm looking to add a few to my modern garden.

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