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river rock instead of mulch help - need ideas

15 years ago

We are in the middle of remodeling our house and my husband decided he wants to put 3-5" river rocks (I beleive they are called chalet rocks) in all of our flower beds instead of mulch. We have seen this done at alot of the bigger homes in the area, and it looks great, but I am kind of leary. I have casual flower beds vs traditional beds and I don't know if I should dig everything up and start over or if I should work with what I have.

For an example: I have a lot of bulbs planted in the beds that are dormant right now and I have a lot of hostas planted in various places. Do you know if the bulbs will come through the rocks? How about the hostas when they come back next year? How should I get some annual color in the beds? Has anyone seen this done? Any ideas?

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