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Need to replace azaleas in bed covered with rocks not mulch

14 years ago

We have been in our house for eight years. Our planting beds are covered in red rocks (2-3 inches each) instead of mulch. It's a holdover from when we lived in the north but it's good for termite protection and less work that replacing mulch every year lol.

Anyway, we have about 15 azaleas that are dead/dying. The guy who treats our shrubs says they are pot bound. They flowered beautifully for about 5 years. I really liked them and would like to replace them with more azaleas but I am concerned that the rocks/heat from the rocks may not be conducive to growing certain types of landscaping plants. We also have some spider plants that died off shortly after the rocks went in.

Can someone reccommend some landscape plants (flowering and not) for a bed with rocks?

Thanks in advance.


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