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Knock-Out Roses - Need Advice ASAP, Please!

9 years ago

We have two Knock-Out Rose Bushes planted on either side of our porch steps. They are totally out of control and meeting in front of the steps. It is October so it is not the ideal time to prune.
They were planted by a local nursery when we had landscaping done. We are not pleased with many of the plants used and feel that we got a cheap job. The roses never have held a nice shape when pruned correctly, so we wonder if the plants are of poor quality or not really Knock-Outs.
What should we do? Would it be a mistake to cut them down near the ground and start over with pruning? Could we replace them with plants that keep their shape and replant the roses in an area where they would not be in the way?
We have to do something now even it is the wrong time of the year to prune. Any suggestions?

Thanks! Genie

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