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'Red Drift Rose' --- What Else is Similar? Small, Spreading Rose

You know those "drift roses" that are being sold by the people who developed the knock outs... they grow about 1 1/2 - 2 feet tall, grow wide, bloom constantly, etc. I have a few "peach drift".

They have a "red drift" - but the picture looks kind of magenta, pinkish-red. Does anyone have the red drift rose? Can you tell me what shade of red it is?

Also, if I wanted to consider my choices in a rose like "red drift", but not "red drift" - what kind of rose would I be looking at? What catagory of rose is it that grows low to the ground, spreads and blooms throughout the season?

Does anyone have a favorite rose of this type, that is red, to recommend to me?

Thank You,


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