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Buds - Blooms & Birds,what is happening in you neck of the woods

11 years ago

Bluebirds, Bluejays ,Doves, the ever threatening Hawks being escorted by crows is a fuss at every turn. A few birds (?) that pester cats by diving at them. All seem to winter over along with the Ground Squirrels and Field Mice. The very last of January 2013 and the ever faithful Quince, both the red and white are blooming along with the Dandelion, Jonguil, Camellias and the Osmanthus sending its WoNdErFuL scent along with the breeze. Autumn Joy is rambling out of the ground as the Homestead Verbena begins its ramble on top. Buds are beginning to swell on the deciduous Magnolias. Winter has YET to really arrive. Enjoy that one day of SNOW and one day is more than plenty for me. 70 degrees year round with no bugs plant pest, rain just when you want it...would be great "but"blooms would become a norm and not appreciated as much. ALABAMA IS NICE N' SWEET just the way it . Sweet Home and Full OF BEAUTY. No place like it. Get ready for a year full of surprises ( same o same o) spring tornadoes, dry summer with hot August nights. :)(;

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