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How large do these roses grow in Texas?

9 years ago

Hi, I'm new to Garden Web (this is my first post).

I'm planning an old garden rose etc bed, but I'm having some difficulty figuring out how big some roses grow around here (around here being Dallas). Even ARE's information seems to be an under-estimate at times. After gazing longingly at books and catalogs, surfing the web, and visiting the Earth Kind demonstration garden in Farmer's Branch, I'm considering the following roses, and would like to know what size I should plan for, both height and width. Any additional information about these roses, or suggestions for other roses to consider, would be wonderful.

Belinda's Dream
Alister Stella Gray (I've read that this is a climbing rose, but at the demonstration garden it was a shrub about 6' tall)
Duchesse de Brabant/Madame Joseph Schwartz
Ducher (I've read that this is a smaller china, but at the demonstration gardens they were all around 8', is this typical?)
Old Blush
Mrs. Dudley Cross
Souvenir de la Malmaison
Julia Child
Gruss an Achen
Louis Phillippe
Cramoisi Superieur
"the Marie's" (Marie Pavie and Marie Daly -- I'm particularly confused about these. Everything I've read says that these are short, but at the demonstration garden, they had a couple specimens that were labeled as a Marie, but were 8' tall. They also had some unlabeled, low-growing fragrant white roses, and my first guess was that they were one of the Marie's.)

I was not sure whether I should post in this forum, or maybe the general rose forum or the Texas gardening forum; please let me know if you think I should post this question elsewhere.

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