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Soil test results

13 years ago

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any advice concerning these results. I have been searching this site and others to help me understand my soil results, but now I am just going to go straight to you guys to see what you think. My head is spinning with trying to understand how all the data is interrelated.

This was my first year in a new house. The garden beds are new this year and they have flowers and shrubs in them.

I live in an urban area where I know many people with lead problems, so I wanted to get the garden tested for lead so I knew what I was dealing with. Because of this I sent my test to an out of area facility which gave an affordable lead test. I realize this might not have been the best way to get results, but I went with it anyway. the facility is in the northeast I am in the midwest, different soils I know . . .

I added what little compost I had this fall (after getting soil samples), and hope to add more in the spring (even if I have to buy it). I also laid down a layer of shredded leaves.

My plants this summer showed what looked like iron chlorosis, is this possible with these results or is it something else? The phosphorus looks so low should I add something beside compost? The facility suggested dried blood, bone meal and peat moss. Would bone meal affect the already high CA? I was going to ignore the peat moss altogether, and instead focus on other organic materials additions. Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

Soil ph 6.9

organic matter 5.1%

Cation exch 12.2 MEQ/100G

percent base sat.

K 3.9

MG 18.1

CA 78.1

NO3-N 5 ppm

AL 1 ppm

P 12 ppm

K 197 ppm

CA 2016 ppm

MG 285 ppm

B 0.7 ppm

MN 4.7

Zn 10.2

Cu 0.1

Fe 0.7

S 53.2

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