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How to care for the soil of my rose plants

16 years ago


We moved from Ohio to Fremont, CA. We bought a house where I have inherited 15 to 18 rose bushes from our sellers. The rose bushes in the front yard grow well due to a good exposure to the sun. I prune the dead roses away, cut away unnessary growth. The roses in the back-yard are seperated in 2 sections. Back yard is shadier compared to the front-yard. However one side grows better. The other side has 2 to 3 wild (I call them wild because they grew like crazy during the flowering season and then there are no more roses now despite pruning) deep maroon rose bushes and 2 are of better quality. However the leaves of these two rose bushes have white patches on the leaves. What is the cause of this?

Secondly what I can do to fertilize the soil to help the roses better? Do I dump organic compost into it and then try dig the compost with the existing soil? Would that suffice? Should I do this now or can I wait till the next spring?



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