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Myrrh Scent

15 years ago

Thanks to everyone who answered my question about Marie Pavie's scent. Everyone agreed that is has the musk scent.

Gardennatlanta agreed that Marie does not smell like Blush Noisette. I find that a little confusing since isn't Blush Noisette supposed to be half R. moschata?

Anyway, I want to know what myrrh is like. So how about everyone out there who likes--or doesn't like--the myrrh scent tell me the name of a rose that is typically myrrh-scented.

I know there are some people don't like myrrh, but who like Tamora, for instance, because the myrrh in that one is mixed with something else.

So in your opinion, what rose has the true, pure myrrh scent?

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