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Ratings of scents & vigor for own root roses and LongAgoRoses

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LongAgoRoses takes order starting April 1 at 10 am for own-root roses. Shipping east of the MS river is $14 per box of one to four plants. West of the MS river is $18 per box. No shipping to CA, OR, WA, AZ, ID, NV, MT, UT, NM, CO, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, AK, and HI.

Yes shipping to WY and LA, TX, AR, MS, AL, mid-west & eastern states.

I'm in zone 5a with heavy black dense clay & high rain, and I'm seeking info. on vigor (how fast it grows) and scents for own roots: The Alnwick rose, The Generous Gardener, Othello, Souer Emmanuelle, Ambridge rose, Pretty Jessica, Lordly Oberon, Fisherman's Friend, The Reeve, The Prince, Charles Austin, Augusta Luis, Chartreuse de Parme, Honeysweet, Flamenco Rosita, South Africa and Purple Lodge.

From Long Ago list, I grow the below:

11th-year own root Pat Austin in my garden, the scent is a 10 of mango and nectarine. It's in 4 hours of sun and invaded by a Japanese Maple tree.

Below is 11th-year own-root Radio Times, the scent is a 10 in sweet damask:

Below Radio Times (pink) has bloom beauty and a perfect 10 in damask scent, white is Mary Magdalene (a 10 in myrrh scent).

Below is 11th-year own-root Mary Magdalene, the scent is like a cozy fireplace and Frankincense floating into my windows at night. Its myrrh scent is better than Scepter'd Isle, St. Cecilia, Carding Mill, Tess of d'Ubervilles as own roots.

Below is 3rd-year own root Rouge Royal (listed as Valentina Casucci in LongAgo list). It survives its 3rd winter. I rank its scent a 9 (raspberry rose) compared to Zeph. Drouhin (a 10 in old rose/raspberry and wafting ability).

Below is Carding Mill, a 10th-year own root in my garden, it's heat tolerant. The scent is a 7 in myrrh, color and scent both get better if soil is alkaline.

Below is 7th-year own root Zepherine Drouhin, it's a once bloomer (month-long) but has the strongest scent among my 140+ fragrant roses. It has bush beauty and always healthy in my heavy clay (dug deep for fast drainage):

I would rank my pink 7th-year-own-root James Galway a 9 in scent (wonderful carnation if aged in the vase). Below pic. of James Galway was dated August 22 for its 2nd flush in 4 hrs. of sun.

Some pics. of most vigorous and best scent roses among the 8 own roots I bought from LongAgoRoses last year 2021: Parfume de Paris, from a tiny band, grew into 2-gallon root-ball with 15+ buds in less than 4 months:

Well Being grew fast into a 15+ buds bush, pic. taken early Sept. 2021:

Below Well-being beats Jude the Obscure in the deliciousness of its scent:

3rd-year own-root Tess of d'Ubervilles is GREEN TO THE TIP in zone 5a winter, and blooms well in only 4 hrs. of sun. Nice myrrh and old rose scent & always healthy. Below leggy growth is due to lack of sun:

Below Parfum de Paris (band-size from LongAgoRoses in May) gave abundant 3" blooms, amazing honeysuckle scent, pic. taken early Sept.

Below 10th year own root Evelyn, amazing scent of ripe peaches.

Spring 2021 blooms of Evelyn were much larger (4" across)

Evelyn is the only Austin among my 34 own-root Austin varieties that DON'T FRY at temp above 90 F and full sun. Evelyn is listed as AUSsaucer in LongAgoRoses 2022 inventory.

Thank you for any info. of best scents & vigor for below own roots in LongAgoRose's 2022 inventory:

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