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Frosty Morn sedums flopping

16 years ago

I've got an area of the west facing garden full of at least 6 different types of sedums. One of my favorites, Frosty Morn, is incredibly beautiful with the bi-color leaves and the brilliant white flower heads. However, no matter where I've planted it, it keeps growing too tall and flopping down all over the place come autumn.

I'm very careful not to overfertilize or water them. I've tried moving them from a partially shaded area to a full blasted sun area...same result by the fall.

I know some in here advocate pinching back or cutting sedums down by half in June, but I'm loathe to temporarily "destroy" the sedum patch just when they are looking lush and full. Any other suggestions? If I was to cut back, do you just lop them off, or is pinching better?

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