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Winter sown plants for plant swap in Zone 5


I will be offering some winter sown plants for my swap participants. I will have Campanula, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Triloba Black Eyed Susans and Columbine. Maybe by seeing the healthy winter sown plants I can interest some of the attendees to wintersow their own plants. The gardeners who have responded to my notice of the swap have been slow to trickle in. My thought was that with the economy being bad more gardeners would sign up for free plants via a swap. Oh well, you are all invited, just need to e-mail me for the particulars through "my page" or here.

I'm feeling for all the gardeners in western Kansas who didn't get their budding perennials plants covered. I was like a maniac running around late yesterday afternoon covering lots of budded Hydrangeas, tender lilies that were 6" tall, the list goes on. Here in eastern Kansas the icy rain has started and it is to turn to snow. Don't mean to whine, we are to get only 2"-4" where the western part of the state is under a blizzard. Have to look at the bright side, I was able to cover some plants. We had a number of over 70 degree days this month so our poor perennials thought they were safe to set buds. That's Zone5 Kansas weather, our mantra is "If you can garden here you can garden anywhere":)

Trowelgal or Tina

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