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Is my Crape/Crepe Myrtle dying?

12 years ago


Someone on Freecycle was nice enough to pass along a Crape Myrtle baby. It is about 10" from base to top, with little green leaves. She left it out front of her office for me to pick up that evening.

When I got it, it was not in any kind of pot or bag, it was just the tree with the roots exposed. I took it right home and put it in a glass of water since it seemed a little dry. The next morning I planted it in a 6" pot with good soil and kept it watered. The leaves looked dry but I held out hope. Our plan was to put it in the ground in September.

It has been about a week, and a few of the leaves have fallen off. All the rest are dried and curled up. There does not appear to be any new growth yet. Now sure if it is just in shock, or if it is dying. Does anyone have any recommendations? Right now we have it inside and are watering it as needed. I really want to use this tree!!


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