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New here! Here is my NOID and my plan for it.

13 years ago

Hi There!

I recently bought a NOID at the super market. I've never had luck getting an AV to bloom, but after reading here, I think I can do it! :) I bought this one because the leaves are so pretty that even if it doesn't bloom, it's still a beautiful plant.

I thought I was doing great until I discovered that extra crowns are not a good thing if I want it to bloom. Here are the pictures...





As you can see, I have an extra crown on each side. Yes, I know she's dirty. I wanted her to get over the shock of re-potting before I messed with her leaves too much. I was also waiting for the soil to dry so I could just brush it off gently. I know the pot was a little big, but I was hoping it would grow into it. I'm fine with it not blooming right away. It was blooming when I got it just a couple months ago. I have no idea whether this is a mini or a standard. I'm thinking standard because it would have had to be a large, mature mini. I have broken and/or trimmed a few of the bigger leaves off. With the crowns, this didn't look too big (I think it's a 5" pot). However, now I am seeing that it needs to be repotted again without the crowns. I plan on planting those, too. I already have homes for them. :) I have some 3" terracotta pots for them. My only worry is that I just re-potted this baby 2 days ago. Here are my questions:

Should I wait a while, or perform this "surgery" now?

With the crowns, can I just dip them in rooting hormone and stick them in a pot? I have AV mix soil and can pick up some pearlite today if needed.

Should I go down a size pot for the momma?

Will the crowns need to placed in a bag in their pots until the root?

Thanks in advance for your help! I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. I have read through pages and pages of this forum. I just wanted to run it by the experts because I already made a fool of myself thinking I knew what I was doing in the Succulent forum. :) My poor Aloe. Don't worry, she'll make it...she just doesn't look so good. :(

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