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Too much of a good thing

17 years ago

The Polareis I have been bragging about so much this spring looks pretty bad - there were so many blossoms on it the the huge bush is literally bending over to each side, leaving a gap in the middle. Inspection shows no breaks, just bending over. Also, the masses of blooms haven't dropped, just gotten brownish while more fresh ones keep popping through. They look like dozens of little bridesmaid bouquets that someone rolled through muddy water.

So - I am thinking of radical deadheading, clipping off the entire sprays - Polareis blooms on the ends of just about any kind of cane, big ones and skinny little ones, so it will be like giving it a haircut. Since it always reblooms, I think the vigorous growth will give me something later in the summer.

Also - it is so thorny that in full foliage, getting in there will be real challenge, to install any kind of support frame. A friend told me to do it next spring after I do the winter damage check. So - what do you all think of putting on my leather gauntlet gloves and a long sleeved shirt, and going in with a few bungee cords, to "cinch in the waist" a bit?

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