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When to fertilize in self watering pot

15 years ago

I'm a new AV owner, I have my AV in a self watering pot, I am going to repot it tonight because I did something really stupid and now it is beginning to droop. And I haven't had any blooms for over a month anyway. I repotted it when I bought it but I used regular AV potting soil, I didn't know about the perlite and I didn't know about fertilizing it. I haven't been able to find specific AV food in my area so The African Violet Society told me to just get a basic 20-20-20, and that the "middle number" could be slightly higher. The closest I could find was a Rose food that is 18-24-16. I also bought some perlite to mix in with the AV potting soil when I repot it tonight. When I add water to the self watering pot I use water from a bottle that I have labeled AV's a bottle that I fill and then let sit overnight to eliminate the chlorine before I put the lid on and put it up for the next watering.

I've searched and googled and I can't find any information on how often or even how to feed an AV if it's in a self watering pot, can anyone help me on this question before I repot it?


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