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Please help with semi no spray tea wannabe area

15 years ago

These are pictures of our driveway wall from 2 angles.



We had some large shrubs (not roses) removed from the area last year because they were crowding the driveway and scratching the car. I would like to make the left side no spray because it would be quite awkward to do so. I don't want a formal hedge but I think a bunch of different shrubs/bushes might look a little messy so I was considering doing 3 of something or 3 similar somethings.

In addition, I was thinking of putting 3 Austins at the right side end and I don't mind spraying those. The area is about 18 feet give or take. (BTW some of those liriope can go, they were inherited). The extreme left under the tree might be rooty and it is too shady so I stuck some daylilies there, I don't care if they bloom, They are expendable.

I would love to try Teas but I need hardier varieties. I am not sure what size would work. I do want a little privacy there but not something that is going to flow onto the driveway.

If we go to till and the area has a lot of roots from the hemlocks I will have to go all Plan B, as I can't do a raised bed there really.

Oh, and I would like to try a Gallica like Cardinal de Richelieu, would this be a good spot? I only want a couple of colors in this little vignette.

Sorry to go on...

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