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Compost tea does it do any good?

9 years ago

I have herd so many good things about compost tea's I felt like I would be crazy not to do it. Just go to you tube and check it out, you will find all kinds of people telling about how to make it, and all the success stories they have. You can have the biggest vegetables at the fair, keep diseases away, keep pests away, I watched a video about a guy in Alaska who has numerous records for the worlds largest vegetables. So what does he credit this miraculous achievement to, you guessed it compost tee. Very convincing stuff.

Then I googled "compost tea scientific studies" hoping to find the perfect recipe, what I found was that all the data suggests little to no evidence of any beneficial reason to use any kind of compost tea. There does however seem to be a risk for getting e-coli poisoning. From what I have read it seems to me that it's kind of foolish to try something with such "possible" catastrophic consequences when the rewards at best are minimal.

I don't question the sincerity of the people who made the you tube videos, most aren't selling me anything. On the same token the institutions doing the studies have no motivation either way either.

So unless someone here knows of a study to the contrary I certainly am not going to try this. I am also very curious if anyone here has done side by side comparisons with compost tea that showed any benefit.

For what it's worth what does seem to work for me and is backed up with scientific studied, is organic and 100% free is human urine with ash. Sounds gross I know but it's great for plants that like nitrogen like tomatoes, and corn, suppose to increase yield by up to 40%

Have a great day


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