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Request: Expert recommendations for roses from RU Sale

10 years ago

Dear Rose folks,

Please pardon this double post in the General and Antique Rose sections. I want to procure as much information as I can 'coz I love roses! It's that "Christmas for Ardent Fans of Roses" time again! My favorite Rose Nursery (besides EuroDesert which closed), Roses Unlimited, has a sale.

I live in Seattle, WA. My zone is 8a. I would really appreciate recommendations from folks in this forum for roses that suit the climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest. My criteria for roses is:

1. Hardiness (with unexpected snow spells over the last few winters, I lost many of my roses. :( )

2. Long Lasting

3. Good-excellent disease resistance (I understand that no rose plant is completely immune to disease, but some fare better than others)

4. Bold and Beautiful Aura

I eagerly look forward to your recommendations. Thank you!



Here is a link that might be useful: Roses Unlimited (RU) Sale

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