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RU summer sale: Roses best suited for WA

13 years ago

Hi folks,

The Roses Unlimited summer sale is almost over. I ordered the species rose - R. Bracteata. I want to buy a few more roses from them. I have the following newbie questions about the roses:

1. Please suggest specific roses (from the RU sale list) that have strong disease resistance and hardiness for the WA climate. I understand that the term "disease resistance" does not imply that the plant isn't susceptible to diseases. We are new to rose gardening, and hence the need for tough roses.

2. The new roses will need to be in containers until next spring. Most of the poor things in our "garden" are still in containers but going strong (Shoutout to Ashdown Roses - Thank you!). Are there specific roses that may be better in handling this challenge?

3. Finally (in this post), can you please suggest roses that display continuous bloom?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

- Reem

Note: I apologize for the double post from the Roses forum. I am keen on availing the opportunity to purchase RU roses before their sale ends tomorrow (8/7). Thank you for understanding in this matter.

Here is a link that might be useful: RU Summer Rose Sale

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