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Seeking zone 6ish container rose for all day sun-Roses Unlimited sale

6 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for a rose I can place in a very large container (half whiskey barrel) that will get sun almost all day? I live in Brooklyn New York, and the zone is somewhere between 6 and 7. Right now I have Old Blush planted there, and the poor thing is really suffering - lots of black spot and not any new growth to speak of. The leaves are small, and there were only a few blooms in the Spring. This is the same location I have a 15 year-old Double Blanc de Coubert, Camaieux and 8 year old Lavaglut - all of which are thriving beyond belief. I know that I need to pamper the rose that goes into the container, but maybe something a bit more robust? Any color, shape or size (I can train onto railing or around windows: my only requirement is that it repeat.

I would LOVE to take advantage of the Roses Unlimited Sale! I have my eye on Sophie's Perpetual for my shady side garden ...

Thank you all for any ideas you might have!!!!

Lee Ann

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