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seeding under burlap cover

9 years ago

Hi all! I used to be in these forums years ago (i cannot even recall my user name) but am returning! I am glad to be back. I have not had the chance to garden for awhile.

I am attempting Interbay Mulch in raised beds (4 x 4 beds) using 2 used coffee bags for cover (some overlap a little more than that. I got started in Feb (out of my control, I moved) with a lot of chopped leaves and sttray greens and added some but not enough greens (like coffee grounds and chopped scraps). I am correcting that as best I can with composted cow manure and organic nitrogen is doing ok and I think it will be ok to plant in for seedlings and will use organic seed starter in litttle areas (poke my finger in and fill with seed starter mix ) where i plant seeds to give them a wasy to grow in ligher but good stuff. i feel ok that its broken down enough to suppoort veggies if I keep an eye on nutrition with fish/seaweed emulsion and such--at least at first. Even tho I started late.

For transplants I'm going to cut through the burlap and plant. (i also plan to have a gride made out old plastic venetian blind slats---i think over the burlap and nailed to the sides of the bed) to help with the square foot gardening thing---

HERE IS MY QUESTION tho. I'd like to keep the burlap on all season to serve as weed barrier/mulch. I am concerned about the best way to genrminate my seeds given I do not want to remove or pull aside the burlap--- should I cut a round hole in the burlap or maybe a cross where I plant a seed? Or should I keep burlap over the seed--- then cut a hole around seedlings under the burlap after the sprout?

THANKS! I'm focused on the seedlings but other suggestions for hastening breakdown of this bed are welcome. In this area I'm planting alot over the next week when the rain lets up.

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