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burlap as mulch and seed planting

9 years ago

Hi second topic is about seeding with a mulch of burlap (2 used coffee bags like Interbay Mulch method). While I know some would recommend not to use this I would still like to try and not pull it off. I find it a great help to manage water as well as weeds.

I am concerned about the best way to germinate my seeds (carrots, herbs, beets, okra, etc) given I do not want to remove or pull aside the burlap.

Should I cut a round hole in the burlap OR maybe cut a cross where I plant a seed?

Or should I keep burlap over the seed--- then cut a hole around seedlings under the burlap after the sprout? It might prevent wash that way and I'm thinking light might be ok if I catch the sprouts quickly.


THANKS again.

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