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Using burlap for protection in the summer

8 years ago

So I have had it up to here with the squirrels digging up my seeds and eating the new seedlings down to the soil, so this weekend, I constructed some seedling boxes to put over a couple of sections of my raised beds. I sort of followed the instructions at, only I used burlap instead of tulle, and since I'm planning on only using them for seedlings, mine are only a foot high. They fit perfectly, wedged in tight enough that a squirrel can't get under them, and the burlap seems to allow enough air/light/water in, so I'm hoping my newly planted seeds stand a chance now. I plan on removing the boxes once the seedlings are more mature.

Has anyone else in FL tried growing seeds under burlap in the summer? In most places, I would imagine it may filter out too much sun, but in our zone, I'm wondering if anyone has found it to work well? If not, what fabric would you recommend (I can always change out the fabric)? Do you think a persistent squirrel would chew through it (guess I'll find this out soon enough!)?



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