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PVC Drip Irrigation System - Small Veg. Garden

14 years ago

I thought I would share some photos of the PVC drip irrigation system I have installed for my small vegetable garden.

This is after I tilled in my compost and installed my PVC drip irrigation system. Each of the areas is basically a 15x15 ft. square.


The two main supply lines are 3/4" PVC. These lines and valves are glued. The side feeder lines are 1/2 PVC spaced 3 ft. apart. They are just dry fitted into each valve so that I can remove or switch around spacing of the drip holes depending on plant spacing. All the valves allow me to deliver water amounts depending on the plants in each row.


This is my first test of the drip system. I ran the water for about 5 min. just to make sure each side feeder and drip hole location was working properly. The first two lines on the left have drip holes spaced at 2 ft. this is for my hot peppers. The three on the right have drip hole spacing of 3 ft. for my tomatoes. There are 3 holes at each location spaced 3 inches apart. The holes are drilled with a 1/16 drill bit. One good thing about the drip system is I don't have to create raised rows and with furrows in-between. I can leave the garden flat.


Showing the Landscape Fabric installed and all of my plants in place. The mist from a light morning fog was just lifting. I will be putting a mulch over the fabric. I started one part of the mulch to show how it will look. In the foreground you can see a pile of 8 ft. long stakes I will use for my tomatoes. A good friend had cut down a wind damaged poplar tree last year and cut the tree up for lumber. He and I cut the stakes out of the left over scraps (culled bark area). In the back you can see the start of my new compost pile.


Another view of the installed Landscape Fabric and plants. I used large holes where the plants are planted so I can easily check the water delivery through the drip irrigation system.
The Moisture on the fabric is from the morning dew.


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