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Destined to grow nothing but day lillies...

I am an inexperienced, experimental gardener. Last fall we had two large trees removed from in front of our house and I have been excited to plant perennials and get some color going out there.

I have, like everyone else in the neighborhood, about 6 stella d ora daylillies. They are pretty much fool-proof and provide some nice yellow color.

I also planted two puny knockout roses. They seem ok but are still puny 3 weeks later.

Over in this other area, to the right of my driveway, I am struggling. I used to have black-eyed susans there. They looked so nice for a couple years and then were eaten by rabbits and finally buried for good when they grinded the tree stump.

My sister gave me some of hers and I tried again this year. Within a week all that was left were the stalks. She also gave me several clumps of daisies. One entire clump has been destroyed -- every morning, it looks like someone chopped down a couple stalks and then they disappear. I real disappointment because the blooms are just now starting to open.

Our yard is over run with rabbits and chipmunks. What can I plant that won't get eaten? This is too much work and expense to keep going...

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