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Redbud woes.......

So two years ago I bought a redbud Oklahoma (about 5 feet tall) from a reputable mail-order nursery and it arrived in beautiful shape. But the following year only half of it came back lol. The bottom half. Dead as a doornail from midway up to the top. I called the nursery and nice as they were, they told me that was that - no replacement, refund, credit, etc. They did tell me to take a small young branch and train a leader. That didn't work.

So last year I bought another one, from a different mail order nursery. This one seems to have survived the winter and is budding up and starting to flower. My concern is that there are two main stems of equal length and size. There's the trunk, and then where it starts branching out, it looks like a big "V".

I don't know much at all about trees, but I wonder if this should have one main stem/trunk. Is there an issue if there are two?




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