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Another Deer Resistant List Down the Drain

14 years ago

Just made rounds to check plants and water.

Contrary to what I've read over and over deer DO eat:

Lychnis Coronaria


Gladiolus foliage

That's what I found so far and I'm ticked! Know it was deer since their not-so-precious little hoof marks are all through the bed.

Rabbits ate most of Cosmos seedlings at top of driveway but I had remediated leggy seedlings by twining little stems so there are a couple seedlings left in the hunks I planted and wasn't sure how to thin since they were all healthy. No deer hoof marks so it was those wascally wabbits.

Have a few reserve Cosmos seedlings and will replace them in bed.

This is mailbox bed right at street but I'm putting up some protective fencing until the plants get a little larger no matter how bad the fencing looks.

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