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Northern report concerning rose rosette virus

9 years ago

"Dave Gade heard talk of rose rosette disease for 20 years before he ever saw any sign of it.
As garden operations supervisor for SchenectadyâÂÂs Central Park Rose Garden and a master rosarian with The American Rose Society, he has tended a lot of roses during the 40-plus years heâÂÂs been coaxing the thorny perennials to grow.
But it wasnâÂÂt until recently that the disease, which has been on the radar in the U.S. since the 1940s, hit close to home.
Two years ago, Gade received phone calls from two Capital Region residents whose rose bushes had mysterious ailments. He went to take a look, and diagnosed both cases as rose rosette disease..........................Last summer, the disease reared its head in GadeâÂÂs home garden, in a bush that had been in his yard for 25 years. He also discovered it in several of the 4,000-plus bushes in the Central Park Rose Garden."

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