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I cured my rose from rose rosette virus!

9 years ago

If you experience a rose rosette virus cure, please keep in mind what was reported at the spring Rose Rosette webinar.

"Q: What was the correlation percentage found in non-symptomatic foliage on infected plants? Was the virus ever present without symptoms?
We have seen about 20 percent of marked multiflora roses lose all symptoms for as long as two years, then blow up with full symptoms and die in a short time. We do not know why this happens. Do not be surprised if you see symptoms disappear then reappear later. This happens even more often in ornamental roses; this phenomenon has resulted in sale of assumed healthy plants that were really infected and later developed symptoms in complete absence of mites. It would be interesting to test a plant known to be infected but later symptom free with the DNA tests for RRD. The question is: Can the virus be detected in these plants?"


"Q: Is the virus present in non-symptomatic tissue [on plants known to have been symptomatic]?
It can be. We have seen about 20 percent of newly symptomatic roses, lose all trace of symptoms. However, the symptoms always return and usually cover most of the plant. The plant then usually dies a few months later."

"Q: I am a retailer. What criteria would I look for when receiving rose shipments from my growers, to determine if RRD is in a particular lot of container-grown roses? Look for the visible symptoms described in Michael DobreâÂÂs pamphlet and in other pamphlets published about RRD. But remember, in our studies of hundreds of symptomatic multiflora roses, about 20 percent became asymptomatic. So be vigilant and always watch for symptoms; isolate or destroy symptomatic plants as soon as possible."

Here is a link that might be useful: link for Q and A at webinar

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