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In the market for a new cordless drill

16 years ago

Hey Gang,

I'm trying to decide which drill would best fit my needs. This drill will be used for DIY home type work (small projects, build swingset for the kids, hang things on the walls, etc.) This drill will likely be used in short bursts then relinquished to a shelf for periods of time. I've looked at the DeWalts, but I'm not a fan of the batteries (NiCd) - since the drill won't be used a great deal I don't want to deal w/ maintaining NiCd batteries.

I was considering the Makita 6337DWDE (14.4v) and the 6217DWDE (12v). What say you guys?

Also, just an FYI I'm the type of guy that likes to buy things once and keep it a very long time. That's why I won't even look at a Craftsman product.

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